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Dialysis is an easy and efficient technique to separate biomolecules according to their molecular weight and for the purification of proteins, DNA, RNA and oligonucleotide. Furthermore dialysis is also useful for small bioactive compounds release or binding studies.

The MWCO (Molecular Weight Cut Off) is the cut frontier, which size of molecules can pass through the membrane. The MWCO is always stated in Dalton (D or Da) and describes also the typical pore size of the membrane.

Creative BioMart is a specialist for laboratory dialysis and provides dialysis solutions for most of the biomolecules, sample volumes and dialysis applications (dialysis, equilibrium dialysis). We provide ready-to-use and high-throughput systems like the Xpress Micro Dialyzer and the Gebaflex-tubes. We offer also dialysis tubings from CelluSpep and dialysis accessories. We offer you fast delivery, professional consulting and low prices.


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