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Jet Biofil Lab Equipment-Smart Personal Centrifuge

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Product series: Lab Equipment(NEW) 
Product name: Smart Personal Centrifuge 
Product information 

=Variable Speed and Time setting feature with last run memory (VT) 
=Only product in category with imbalance detection and auto cut off safety feature 
=Speed setting 6000 rpm (1000 to 6000 rpm) and Timer for 1 to 25 mins + infinite mode 
=Digital Display alternates between speed & time values with countdown timer feature 
=User can disable /enable imbalance feature 
=User calibration feature 
=Small footprint saves space – can be used in hoods & cold rooms 

Cat No.FUG000002   Net Weight: 1.1Kg 
Dimensions(LxWxH)  162mm x 157mm x115 mm
Jet Biofil 1087064