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Jet Biofil JET CellSCAFFOLD™ 3D cell culture Products-NEW

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Product Specifications And Details

•The whole 3D scaffold for cell culture is made from polystyrene that is a polymer, with a mean wire diameter of 500µm, a mean wire spacing of 260µm, and high regularity
•The product is structured with 3-dimensional channels, and has extremely high connectivity, facilitating the transmission of nutrients, the consistency of metabolic activity and the accuracy of culture results in 3D cell culture;
•3D cell culture is more likely to the expression of cell functions as compared with 2D, and simulates the three-dimensional structure of the cells in animals and the human body to the maximum extentproviding an ideal environment for the interaction between cells;
•Polystyrene-made, cytokine and growth factor resistant, easy cell secretion collection, time-saving and free from extra separating steps.
•Open pores with high connectivity, facilitating nutrient absorption and metabolism.
•3D scaffold with larger surface area than regular cell culture products, material efficient.
•Strict integrity tested
•Sterilized by gamma irradiation 
•Non-pyrogenic & DNase/RNase-free

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