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Jet Biofil CellBOX™

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Product Information:

* Made from high grade gamma resistance polystyrene

The culture device with monolayer or up to 10 layers can realize large-scale cell culture by one time

Easy to use and standardized operation ensures uniform cell growth

Suitable for most adherent cell lines

Linear amplification, easy to expand to the industrial scale

Transparent material can be observed directly under a microscope

Modular design can be multi-level series or parallel

It can be equipped with a variety of online monitoring instruments

Strict integrity tested

Sterilized by gamma irradiation 

DNase/RNase-free & Non-pyrogenic

Product Specifications And Details

 Cat.No.  Description Sterile  Qty.Per bag/case 
UCB010001 1 layer,Surface Treated  1/8 
UCB010010 10 layers Surface Treated  1/6 


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