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Home Products Consumable 口罩 【Taiwan】 adult blue medical masks (50 box / carton)

【Taiwan】 adult blue medical masks (50 box / carton)

Price NT$ 4750 Special Offer NT$ 3750

The first layer of PP non-woven fabric

The second layer of MB meltblown nonwovens

The third layer of PP + PE composite fiber


Specifications / color


Adult: 9 × 17.5cm / blue


Trader: Jing Lei biotechnology

License number: North House light medicine letter No. 6231106671


New North City Freshwater District Cultural Road 63, 2nd Floor, 2


Manufacturer: Shunyi Industrial Co., Ltd. Company

Permit No.: Manufacturer License No. 6111021086

Health Department of Health One word 004585



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