GenLab Biotech -Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail I (100X in DMSO) (1mL)
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Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail I (100X in DMSO) (1mL)

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磷解酶抑制剂粉末 (PIC I)

Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail I (100X in DMSO)




Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail I effectively

inhibits alkaline phosphatases and serine/

threonine protein phosphatases such as

PP1and PP2A.



Thaw at room temperature. Before assaying, add each solution at 1:100 (v/v) dilution to samples (such as cell lysates or tissue extracts). Mix the sample sufficiently after each time of addition.

Application Fields: Western Blot analysis, Co-IP, pull-down, IF, IHC, kinase assay and etc.


Size ( mini-Tablet )

1 mL



-20°C,存放下 1

室温2-8°C下  2个月

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